The King of Attolia

Author: Megan Whelan Turner
Reading Level: 6th grade and up

Pages: 387
Publisher: Greenwillow
Edition: Hardcover, 2006

Such an intriguing, subtle, and exciting book! Since I did not read the first two in the trilogy (The Thief and Queen of Attolia,) the first chapters of this one are somewhat confusing because all the relationships between characters and the political complications are presented in the most ambiguous way. I know this is Turner’s style and became appreciative of this ambiguity as the tale unfolded in front of me. I learned to just sink into the story, follow the lead of the narrator and let go of my impulses to make sense of everything, trusting that all will make sense eventually. And it delivered: all the threads are gathered at the end and the knot is tied up neatly, very satisfying! And I couldn’t help but falling in love with the characters — all of them, but mostly, of course, with the King and the Queen, whose love for each other rises out of the page and grabs hold of me, almost physically. This read is quite an “experience.”


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2 responses to “The King of Attolia

  1. suzette

    hi i have read both the thief and the queen of attolia, and i'm looking forward to reading this one, your review on this book has helped me alot, thank you


  2. fairrosa

    Hi. Are you suzette from GK as well?


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