Endymion Spring

Author: Matthew Skelton
Reading Level: 4th – 6th grade

Pages: 392
Publisher: Delacorte
Edition: Hardcover, 2006

A book about the Book of All Books (All Stories) and set in the labyrinth of Oxford Libraries, highly atmospheric and not lacking in the action department… how could I resist! It was definitely an entertaining and gripping read. I wanted to find out what’s going on both in the 21st Century and in the 15th. All the highly imaginative magical elements are very enjoyable, as well. However — as the end of the book approached and finally arrived, my anticipation of an illuminating resolution which would have raised Endymioin Spring high above the other “fantasy outputs” now saturating the children’s book marketplace is sadly unrealized. With the singular villain out of the way, the parents’ happy reunion, and the easy explanation of everything else, Blake Winter’s story is a solid, although still just run-of-the-mill, fantasy read, no more.

Will Skelton write a sequel to this volume? The last pages seem to be testing the water. I imagine it all depends on the readers’ reaction and the market demand.

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