Pish Posh

Author: Ellen Potter
Reading Level: 4th grade and up

Pages: 166
Publisher: Philomel Books
Edition: Hardcover 2006

Ellen Potter really knows how to build upon the utterly unbelievable scenarios and make them seem oh-so-plausible. Her New York City apartment buildings (as in the Olivia Kidney books)expand into wonderlands that even the lovers for Carrollian twists and turns will find tantalizing. The mystery, the unique characters, (11-year-old Clara Francofile who owns nothing but simple black dresses and a keen sense of the social standings of each celebrity coming through her parents’ restaurant and her co-star Annabelle Arbutnot, pre-teen master burglar, for example) and the satisfying resolution all just WORK! A truly fun read.


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3 responses to “Pish Posh

  1. Morgan

    I think this is a good book and it has lost of good detils and if u do not want to read this you have promples


  2. Anonymous

    I am reading it right now and I love it!


  3. Shannon

    I absolutely love this book! But whenever i look in my library, they never have it! Another good book is something like ‘How i became a fourth grade spy’. i know it has the words fourth grade spy in it. it is hilarious and u will love it.


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