Utterly Me, Clarice Bean

Author: Lauren Child
Reading Level: 2nd – 4th

Pages: 160
Publisher: Orchard Books
Edition: Hardcover, 2002

Lauren Child’s child-like voice manages to be both super innocent and highly savvy. Clarice Bean is utterly a little gem and utterly charming, in an I-might-find-her-a-bit-annoying-in-real-life-for-a-friend-or-a-student-but-it-sure-is-fun-to-read-her-thoughts kind of way. I love the illustrations and the creative typesetting.

The only slight gripe I have is the “fake” story that Clarice Bean loves to read so much (Ruby Redford mysteries) within the book does not grab me, but distract me from Clarice’s story. However, Lily is reading it now and she actually likes the Ruby Redford mysteries better than the main plot. Shows how tastes dictate!


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3 responses to “Utterly Me, Clarice Bean

  1. Anonymous

    hi i love ur book so much it seems like no 1 has barley read the book yet but i surely have and its great i like it alot i have only read utterly me, clarice bean.i havn't read all the other clarice bean books
    i got 2 go
    c u soon




  2. Anonymous

    i love this book its so good i read it every night before I went to sleep I even did a book report on it in 6th grade


  3. Anonymous

    i LOVE clarive bean books SOOO much i have read dont look now utterly me clarice bean (my favorite) and most recently clarice bean spells trouble,HEY we could become the I LOVE CLARIVE BEAN CLUB that sounds like such a good idea to me!!!


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