Golem’s Eye

Author: Jonathan Stroud
Reading Level: 5th and up

Pages: 562
Publisher: Hyperion
Edition: Hardcover, 2004

I couldn’t put this down half way through this intriguing story. The narrative definitely gains momentum midterm, when the Resistance’s efforts prove futile, when Nathaniel’s situation becomes more dire, and when Bartimaeus shows his concerns for Nathaniel’s waning integrity. Stroud definitely did a fabulous job joggling three points of views, flashbacks, and excitement and humor (sarcasm, mostly.) Although there are other books piling on my desk, waiting to be “evaluated” for my other commitments, I am going to be super indulgent and finish the Trilogy with Ptolemy’s Gate, eager to see how Nathaniel’s heart turns out and how Kitty’s fate intertwined with that of Bartimaeus’.

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